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    Fossil hunt Westbury on Severn 27/11/2011


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    Fossil hunt Westbury on Severn 27/11/2011

    Post  Chapwi on Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:03 am

    We will be leaving at 7am from Kettering and transport is available from £10 per person. We will aim to arrive at the site around 10am. The Westbury formation's position is in the Triassic period, you can find such fossils as fish teeth, reptile teeth and bones, bones and coprolites. Westbury on Severn is one of the finest localities for collecting from the famous Rhaetian Penarth Boned Bed. Out of all of the localities along the Severn, this has the most rapid erosion. Unfortunately, this site is not suitable for children.

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