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    Bognor Regis

    Post  stevesnowball on Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:01 pm

    I thought I'd make a trip down to Bognor Regis today. Tides were out at around midday, so perfect for the London Clay deposits beyond the shingle. It's supposedly a great location for brachiopods, bivalves, worm tubes, plant fossils and the huge shells of Pinna affinis. After the spring tides and rubbish weather, conditions appeared favourable but.....

    At temperatures fast approaching -0C it wasn't quite the sunny 7C forecast of the day before! With not a soul in sight across the entire beach, at the Aldwick end, conditions turned out to be far less than favourable. There was no sign of any London Clay and sand covered the entire location. Not a brachiopod or bivalve to be seen and no concretions protruding. Any blocks rising above the sand were very hard and covered in thick sea weed. We took a spade to the sand and discovered the London Clay beneath but not a fossil in sight! Short of digging across the entire beach we gave up. Sad

    So, not quite the classic text book location but a change of scenery and the dogs loved it!

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